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Hey, you know how Matt Shea was doing weird things with Ukrainian orphans? An update.

A couple of weeks ago I heard that former Washington State representative and proof that in the Pacific Northwest is holding on to its straight white ethno-state roots Matt Shea had some Ukrainian children had it's none of your business why. That's what he told a mayor's assistant, to quote the Seattle Times, '“I asked him many times, ‘What are you going to do with these children?’ and he told me that it’s not my business,'” Weronika Ziarnicka, an aide to the mayor of Kazimierz Dolny, said of Shea. “I got the feeling in my gut that something’s wrong with this guy; he didn’t want to tell me his last name.”' Ziarnicka went on to explain that after that he tried to card her.

Which is weird, and I think she gave the perfect answer of... what authority do you think you have here you're an American who has a bunch of assumed orphans for reasons. And assumed is doing a lot of work there because not all of the kids who ended up in Ukrainian orphanages are actually orphans. A lot of them are there because shit happens in a war zone and kids get separated from their families. Also because moving kids during conflict is a key to losing kids (also pointed out by Ziarnicka) and what the fuck is even your deal bro? The TL;DR on her feelings toward Shea and his cohort as I understand them.

One more thing before I actually get to the update, Loving Homes and Homes for Orphans, the people Shea said he was working with, aren't recognized adoption agencies and aren't registered as such, domestically or internationally. This is really upsetting considering that part of that name was HOMES FOR ORPHANS. But it's Texas so if you check the 'religious' box they'll just let you do basically whatever.

The good news is though, and given the circumstances, this is just barely clearing a very low bar, Poland took Shea and friends and told them yeah no, those kids aren't leaving Poland.

They are currently in the joint custody of the Ukrainian orphanage director and the head of social services in the town that the children are in.

The two caveats on this good news (low bar, war orphans and all that) is that the hotel they're staying in is owned by the Association of Polish Journalists, which has been problematically far right in the past and also some of those kids were in the process of being 'adopted' (quotes because I'm not sure I'm allowed to say trafficked) and the 'prospective adopters' (not sure I'm allowed to say 'hopefully unwitting trafficker') are pleading with the State Department to let those kids (who may or may not have parents or family to care for them?) come to the states. Luckily the State Department has all but said go fuck yourself that's not up to you, citing the fact that it's outside of the State Department's job description to make Ukraine send their citizens to wherever foreigners find agreeable (that's us in this case, Americans are the foreigners) especially when it's an issue under U.S. law too because of how they're not necessarily orphaned.

So now the authorities are investigating, because between Shea's 'I'm sent by Jesus so it's none of your attitude, show me your papers that say you're allowed to be in Poland Polish lady' and the fact that they found out the children were being taken by people who that's not their job and potentially violating laws in multiple countries, and Shea was involved in the Malheur County Wildlife Refuge in 2016, and also wrote a manifesto called "Biblical Basis for War" and also only refused to run for re-election when for some reason he was accused of being a far right domestic terrorist, someone thought they should probably check into it.

I cannot promise there will be more updates coming because I can't promise much, but it's worth noting that someone, somewhere, decided to check in on the Christo-Fascist kidnapper and that is a good thing.

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