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Florida Racist Ron DeSantis Hates When Black People Vote

I like to read Balls and Strikes. If you like knowing what's going on then you should also like to read Balls and Strikes. Today I read a piece there about black people being able to vote in Florida, and how that makes notable racist Ron DeSantis so angry he's tying up the courts to do something about civic participation.

In 2010 Florida voters, because Florida is actually mostly fine, voted to make so that when the state redraws it's voting districts they're not allowed to give Democrats or Republicans a partisan advantage, or make it so that people who aren't English speaking, god-fearing, white Americans have their voting power diminished. And brown people's votes counting makes Ron DeSantis angry!

Also the rest of the Florida legislature, it turns out. Because in 2014 the

Florida Supreme Court found the violated it immediately. The sticking point, because they're racist, is that the Fifth District had a lot of slaves at one point. So now that it's time to redraw the maps Ron DeSantis wants to correct what those pesky voters did the last time the map was redrawn and the voters said they want black people to be able to vote and stop those pesky people of color in the Fifth District from sending any more of "Those People" (that's a quote from Ron DeSantis, I assume. He probably says that when he's too public for the n-word.)

This year Ron DeSantis, when the districts were drawn, decided that the Fifth District should be broken up into smaller districts, which would split up the black voting population.

This would have the effect of diluting the votes of 45% of the population. That's a problem just because yeah, that's a problem, and also because of that thing about how their state constitution's Fair Districts amendments is supposed to make it so that, "No apportionment plan or individual district shall be drawn with the intent to favor or disfavor a political party or an incumbent; and districts shall not be drawn with the intent or result of denying or abridging the equal opportunity of racial or language minorities to participate in the political process or to diminish their ability to elect representatives of their choice; and districts shall consist of contiguous territory." And "I think the district looks silly" doesn't seem like a very strong argument against.

Then there's the argument that DeSantis actually makes, that keeping the district that way, and the amendment that way, is against the equal protection clause. Because if white people aren't the only ones in power, how can we make sure America stays supremely white?

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