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First we came for the Christian Nationalists, and it's about damn time.

I was reading some Sartre recently (not to brag) because I hadn't read Anti-Semite and Jew yet, and I was also just kinda thinkin' about the news and junk. And I came across the passage, "The Jews have one friend, however, the democrat. But he is a feeble protector. . . . He recognizes neither Jew, nor Arab, nor Negro, nor bourgeis, nor worker, but only man--man always the same in all times and places. . . . Thus the anti-Semite and the democrat tirelessly carry on their dialogue without ever understanding one another or realizing that they are not talking about the same things."

The more things change, amirite?

The issue that Sartre presents in that chunk of quote is with not seeing color. The modern democrat arguing with the fascist theocratic nutbags that serve as our right wing, could both reasonably claim to not see color. The Democrat (big d) could claim that they as a personal position don't see color and so aren't part of the racist elements of society, ignoring, of course, that it is larger systems in society that perpetuate the racist societal framework. Meanwhile, the theocrat could claim that they don't see color because they reject the idea that racism is an issue in modern society, pointing to President Obama or the fact that they haven't personally witnessed a lynching.

They could even agree, perhaps the Democrat would shift right in their position, taking issue with the idea that Trump supporters are ignorant bigots.

Doing this would present a different sort of issue, and one that caused earlier black leaders to distrust the government after Jim Crow. Derek Bell, guy who started the writing of books on Critical Race Theory, came up with the interest-divergence hypothesis. This theory says that white power structures make concessions to civil rights when it's beneficial to them, and it's sporadic and unusual. The example given in the Introduction to CRT (a book waved at Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson during her confirmation hearings while Ted Cruz accused her of being black) is Bell's position toward Brown v Board of Education. The attitude toward Brown is that it was a concession that slowed civil rights by essentially tossing a bone to people who wanted equal rights, in this case to education.

The issue that Bell saw was that these sorts of decisions cause large groups of people to quit paying attention to the underlying structures and either declare racism over or declare they don't see color and pat their backs because of how not racist they are. Essentially serving as the fascists social justice release valve.

This same sort of thing is why we're going to lose. I very much think that the civil war didn't end, it just cooled off. The culture war is the cold civil war and the good guys are losing, because we voted for the black guy, and the black lady, and because I don't see color and I've never witnessed a racism and well this happened when Biden was President and so racism isn't as big of an issue and I didn't like Biden anyway.

This sort of attitude from the Democrats, not recognizing the fascist, nor oppression against minorities of race, or color, or orientation, or identification, nor bourgeis, nor worker, and only man, in denial of the things that make us what we are and the systems that restrict our ability to actualize ourselves is something that is just as dangerous as the continuing encroaching totalitarianism that's let through the gates by people realizing that politicians pander to the people who vote for them, not who is part of the illiterate left who decide to vote off because that will show them they can't count on me as part of their base.

Nothing is going to be done unless the oppressive structures in the U.S. are destroyed, and first not making the phrase, "The Democrats claim to establish equality by ignoring the problem" as applicable now as it was in nineteen-forty-fucking-six. Maybe I'm equivocating though, maybe the Democratic Party's neo-liberal soft ball bullshit really is the secret and all we have to do is plug our ears while the neo-colonialism and neo-liberalism fuck the planet into the ground because you couldn't vote for the fucking e-mail lady is substantively different than the democrats and liberals who fucked us into the ground with that in the 40s. We need to come for the Christian Nationalists, and we should probably start setting our stockades up to persecuting the Christians and taking them out of power, and out of normalcy.

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