Episode 44- Roe v Wade v SCOTUS v Women, 2

00;00;01;09 - 00;00;27;18 SLady 12-G Hello. I'm Lady 12 Gauge doing an introduction to this episode because I have killed Phineas and taken his microphone. Welcome to The Apostate's Playground today Phineas and Cee are wrapping up part one of their discussion of the overturning of Roe v Wade. This episode starts with what passes for constitutional analysis in a history lesson in the field of whatever timeline Sam Alito thinks he's in. 00;00;31;00 - 00;01;00;13 Phineas The constitutional analysis bit because mostly it's been jerking off so far. He takes issue with the fact that the right to privacy in Roe had been found to spring from no fewer than five different constitutional provisions. The first, fourth, fifth, ninth and 14th. He doesn't explain why this is an issue. He just seems at this point to take umbrage with the fact that when you combine things, you get new things. 00;01;01;01 - 00;01;24;07 Phineas Conservatives love to talk about syllogism which is where you take two premises and put them together and you get a new thing. And the thing is, is like, that's how that worked. They looked at the first, fourth, fifth, ninth and fourteenth Amendments and said, Hey, guys, there's a common theme here. And that common theme is a right to privacy. You have the right to worship, you have the right to speak. 00;01;24;07 - 00;01;50;06 Phineas You have the right to not be forced to quarter soldiers in your home and the right not to be, you know, searched without for unreasonable reasons and the right to not incriminate yourself and the right to liberty. And like they said, the running thread in this is you have the right to be left alone to make your own decisions, which is the basis of a lot of decisions that are now in thr- 00;01;50;06 - 00;01;51;04 Phineas Now under threat. 00;01;52;01 - 00;01;52;15 Cee Yup. 00;01;53;07 - 00;02;23;15 Phineas He also says the fact that only one sex can get an abortion does not trigger a heightened scrutiny unless quoting him quoting Geduldig v Aiello, which was decided out a year after Roe in 1974, and so it probably didn't get a lot of consideration as a president precedent in 1973. Quote is a quote in quote pretext designed to effect an invidious discrimination against members of one sex or the other, end quote, unquote. 00;02;23;27 - 00;02;27;20 Phineas And they say that the goal of preventing abortion doesn't do that. 00;02;28;19 - 00;02;29;05 Cee Sorry, what? 00;02;29;26 - 00;03;02;12 Phineas Yeah. Yeah. No, I'd say making it making it so that the abortions aren't the thing doesn't affect people with uteruses more than not having them. It doesn't discriminate against one sex or the other because only one sex can do it. So you're not discriminating against people without uteruses by saying that people with them can't get an abortion because you're not also saying people without them can't get them. 00;03;03;09 - 00;03;08;07 Phineas He's basically saying that if one group doesn't meet a necessary condition, it doesn't count as discrimination. 00;03;10;05 - 00;03;12;01 Cee A My head hurts. 00;03;13;11 - 00;03;48;09 Phineas Yeah, that's fair. No, it's like that's what he's saying is it feels like. Okay, so there's a lot of things here that kind of. So part of what a Supreme Court opinion does is it signals what kind of positions those justices have for what kind of cases to bring. This feels like if you discriminate against black people based on melanin, it's not discrimination because you can't discriminate against white people based on melanin. 00;03;49;06 - 00;04;15;12 Cee You know? Yeah. Putting it in those terms helped a little bit because that's what I thought it was kind of suggesting. And it was like, What? But then I just got kind of lost because I was like, okay, but like, it does still affect the other people who don't have a uterus because there's a portion of them who can cause the person with the uterus to have a to get pregnant because they have the other part of the equation. 00;04;15;19 - 00;04;18;01 Cee So like, I don't know. 00;04;18;26 - 00;04;50;21 Phineas Yeah. He's basically saying that because the uterus is a necessary condition to be able to have an abortion, it's not discrimination if they can't get an abortion. He's saying that because only one sex can get an abortion. His words. What? His words. It's not discrimination to say whether or not they can, basically implying that if people without uteruses could get a an abortion, also they would not be able to get an abortion. 00;04;50;21 - 00;04;51;25 Phineas So it's not discrimination. 00;04;52;21 - 00;05;02;06 Cee Which if people like him, could get one. Yeah, it wouldn't be it wouldn't be an issue. It would have been like one. They would have been on it. 00;05;02;22 - 00;05;10;03 Phineas Oh, yeah, 100%. But yeah, no. Every mistress that a senator, justice or whomever has an abortion. 00;05;11;03 - 00;05;19;28 Cee Yeah. Just. It's going to move them, shuttle them somewhere else, or have it shuttle. Someone shuttled to them, you know, whatever. 00;05;20;13 - 00;05;30;01 Phineas Yeah, absolutely. And then moving on to the 14th Amendment, we get a history lesson nobody nobody asked for. Coming up. 00;05;30;01 - 00;05;30;19 Cee Per usual. 00;05;31;17 - 00;05;58;19 Phineas He opens by saying that previously the court had held with both precedents and with what the state constitutions protected at the time the amendment was ratified, pointing out that Ginsburg traced the right to be protected against excessive fines dated back to the Magna Carta, Blackstone's Commentary, and 35 of 37 constitutions and McDonald a gun case, 22 of 37 states protected the right to keep and bear arms in the constitutions affected 00;05;58;19 - 00;06;15;11 Phineas how those things were seen by the court basically saying that he's he's setting up the idea that like because when it was ratified this was the situation with the states. This is what we had to rule. And he's setting that up for some bullshit. 00;06;16;13 - 00;06;17;18 Cee It sounds like some bullshit. 00;06;18;09 - 00;06;46;14 Phineas Yeah. He then appeals to an essay that found more than 200 different uses of the word liberty, which doesn't fuckin mean anything. And he has the audacity to talk about respecting history, which, for the record, has found that libertarianism doesn't work, ever. This kind of thing. The history has shown that it is fascism, actual fascism and doesn't work. 00;06;46;14 - 00;07;09;23 Phineas I mean, when that when they scream about like socialism in Venezuela, you can go, okay, but like Finland is fine. Venezuela has other issues. There's no part point where you can point to this kind of decision and say, and also things were fine. And actually that's not true. Libertarianism did work out great for the mine owners who got to just kill their employees and restock them, whenever they got busy. 00;07;10;01 - 00;07;22;04 Phineas And also, a group of bears in New Hampshire who like within our lifetimes got to eat a bunch of libertarians who didn't want to pay for central garbage collecting because that would be a tax. And so the Bears moved in. 00;07;23;10 - 00;07;24;11 Cee Oh, wow. 00;07;24;12 - 00;07;39;08 Phineas And so then people started to hunt their bears on their property, but they did it like an episode of Looney Tunes where, like, they would put a gun connected to a trip wire. So when you walked in front of the gun, it would shoot the bear, and then a bunch of people shot themselves with their Looney Tunes bullshit, like. 00;07;39;24 - 00;07;40;23 Cee Not surprised. 00;07;41;21 - 00;08;07;10 Phineas And this is the same, same mentality that doesn't work and is feeding into things that have also don't work, that do things like restrict abortion. When it comes to defining liberty as it is in the 14th Amendment the extent of what he does here is say that he just says the clear answer is that the 14th Amendment does not protect the right to an abortion. 00;08;08;07 - 00;08;28;29 Cee Can you backtrack for just a bit. And what is the 14th Amendment again? I get the numbers mixed up. Mm hmm. It just feels like a good idea to like for people who don't want to pause the episode and, like, Google it and then come back or me, you know, I'll just say it's for me. 00;08;29;00 - 00;08;54;04 Phineas No, it's it's good. I mean, like, if you need the refresher on the 14th Amendment, there's a really good chance other people do. And I'm happy to read this to everybody cause you don't get to copyright the Constitution. So it's very it's public domain. All persons born or naturalized in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside. 00;08;54;13 - 00;09;25;12 Phineas No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States. Nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty or property without due process of law, nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of all laws. Representatives section to Representatives shall be apportioned among the several states according to their respective numbers, counting the whole number of each of persons in each state, so on and so forth. 00;09;25;12 - 00;09;26;26 Cee I don't see how that ties in. 00;09;27;00 - 00;09;51;26 Phineas It doesn't. No. Section three. No person shall be a senator or representative in Congress or elector of the President or Vice President or hold any office, civil or military under the United States or under any state who, having previously taken an oath as a member of Congress or as an officer, you know, blah, blah, blah section for the validity of the public debt of the United States authorized by law, including debts incurred for payment of pensions and bounties for services in suppressing insurrection or rebellion shall not be questioned. 00;09;52;06 - 00;10;13;23 Phineas But neither the United States nor any state shall assume or pay any debt or obligation incurred in aid of insurrection or rebellion against the United States or any claim for the loss or emancipation of any slave. But all such debts, obligations and claims shall be held illegal and void. Section five The Congress shall have power to enforce by appropriate legislation the provisions of this article. 00;10;14;18 - 00;10;44;07 Phineas I skipped over a lot of that because it's only section one that really matters here, and the rest of it deals with like how representatives are calculated in and who's responsible for debt. As it relates to January six, not the states. See, I basically it doesn't say abortion in there. It says that you're you you don't lose life, liberty or property without out due process. 00;10;44;16 - 00;11;06;26 Phineas Basically, Alito says like, fuck you, you're not going to read this anyway. I do what I want. He then goes on to talk about common law. Did you want to take a guess about common law, when? Do you want to take a guess as to like the century? He's talking about common law from? 00;11;06;26 - 00;11;08;22 Cee Common law. [...] Not the one he lives in, I'm imagining. 00;11;09;14 - 00;11;10;14 Phineas Not the one he lives in. 00;11;11;19 - 00;11;11;29 Cee Yeah, figures. 00;11;12;16 - 00;11;17;22 Phineas In the 13th century. 00;11;18;29 - 00;11;36;15 Cee Oh, God. That's much further away. That's not even a difference of like one. Like the difference of one century. That's like, that's, that's too many centuries. If that were, like, an undying, like, immortal creature, it would be. 00;11;37;12 - 00;12;17;28 Phineas So much longer. It's been so long since I got to tell you, it gets worse. It gets worse. The day before in Bruyn v New York, which overturned gun laws, he wrote, basically saying that if the the the law the reference is to from too far before when the Constitution was written be really don't reference it and then in this opinion says in the 13th century Henry de Bragdon said that if you cause an abortion by trying to kill a woman, if the fetus is moving, you've committed a homicide, which I would agree with, because removing that choice should be a crime. 00;12;18;26 - 00;12;52;07 Phineas And he says that's because abortion was a crime after quickening, which is when the fetus first moves, which usually occurs between 16 and 18 weeks. Definitely, you know, after 15 weeks, which is what Jackson's women incubator manufacturing clinic was asking for, like that's what Mississippi was asking for, was can we? So it's kind of kind of weird, especially because in the footnote, he says that that's not accepted and there's some debate around it. 00;12;52;07 - 00;13;01;10 Phineas And I don't know if that's true. I don't care. I just bring it up because it really feels like he's kicking himself in the dick. 00;13;01;11 - 00;13;01;28 Cee Being. 00;13;02;03 - 00;13;07;10 Phineas Overturning Roe because of the 14th century. This may or may not have been a thing. 00;13;08;06 - 00;13;10;23 Cee Yeah. Just grasping at straws. 00;13;11;22 - 00;13;21;14 Phineas Yeah. I'm at the eminent common law authority is Blackstone, Coke, Hale and the like all describe abortion after quickening as criminal. 00;13;22;11 - 00;13;26;22 Cee I can't hear quickening and not think of, like, Highlander. Highlander shit. 00;13;27;18 - 00;13;36;12 Phineas But quickening is a modern medical term. It still means when the baby moves, but it culturally, it's a lot more relevant because of Highlander. 00;13;37;22 - 00;13;44;11 Cee Yeah, I mean, that's where I first heard it. So, you know. 00;13;44;11 - 00;14;06;05 Phineas So then we go back to the 13th century to say that there are treatises, corroborating the statements that abortion is a crime, and it might partly be a quote, but we're talking about the 1300s and how we should how we should take advice from them on how to legislate in the now. 00;14;07;15 - 00;14;14;08 Cee Half the stuff we do now. They probably would consider like witchcraft or heresy. I imagine. 00;14;14;23 - 00;14;16;05 Phineas You know how to do math. 00;14;17;06 - 00;14;20;09 Cee In the. Oh, yeah, that's right. I can read. 00;14;21;15 - 00;14;36;00 Phineas In 1732, you can read like middle English, like you can read old English. I've seen you do it. It's very impressive. I'm super impressed because I can't make heads or dick out of that They would slaughter you 00;14;36;20 - 00;14;42;29 Cee Context, honestly. Yeah. There you. 00;14;42;29 - 00;14;46;26 Phineas They'd be so mad. They would call you a moor. 00;14;47;23 - 00;14;53;05 Cee Half of them, call me moor. The other half would just be like trying to like, get me in the back alley or something. 00;14;53;22 - 00;14;54;27 Phineas Something while calling you moor 00;14;54;27 - 00;14;59;13 Cee More kind of weird. I like obsession with, like, fetishism and stuff. 00;14;59;13 - 00;15;03;15 Phineas Like, yeah, it'd be a weird time for you. 00;15;04;19 - 00;15;06;22 Cee Yeah. It would. 00;15;07;15 - 00;15;41;06 Phineas It would be boring for me. They would be like he's tall, he's is six foot three and has a beard. Make him a king or something. In 1732, which is only 40 years before the country. Eleanor Bear Beer Bear Bee-air-ay was convicted of quote, destroying the foetus in the womb and quote, thereby causing her to miscarry and quote, Bear Bear Berry was sentenced to two days in the pillory and three years imprisonment. 00;15;42;14 - 00;15;52;11 Phineas Again, she removed the choice from another woman. It's just saying that if you force a woman to not be pregnant, it was a crime. 00;15;53;07 - 00;16;02;14 Cee Yeah. Basically the making of the idea of enforcing your own personal will on somebody else. 00;16;03;11 - 00;16;04;08 Phineas Yeah. 00;16;05;10 - 00;16;06;07 Cee I basic stuff. 00;16;07;07 - 00;16;23;29 Phineas And so. So I wouldn't turn any of this in, in an undergrad philosophy class. Like I would be ashamed to turn this into a specially Kavanaugh's concurrence, which next episode's going to be concurrences and dissents. 00;16;24;13 - 00;16;33;17 Cee I fully I wouldn't turn this I wouldn't turn this shit in a regular ass English class that I take. And that's how you philosophy. That's just English. That's just. 00;16;33;29 - 00;16;37;28 Phineas It's philosophy. It it's just philosophy without algebra. 00;16;38;03 - 00;16;45;17 Cee But it is too much math. There's too much black magic to be considered, witch iat's too much power. 00;16;47;23 - 00;17;12;19 Phineas He tries to make a case that even though a pre quickening abortion was not considered homicide, it doesn't follow that it's permissible or a right because the judge didn't even say quickening in that case. And it was 1602 where they didn't know that Samuel Alito would want them to phrase things a certain way in 2022. So they didn't specify whether or how criminal it was. 00;17;13;13 - 00;17;15;08 Cee 400 years. They really fucked up. 00;17;15;22 - 00;17;30;20 Phineas They did. They should have known better. He tries, drawing an inference, saying that if you try to kill a person, a and kill person b, like adult separate people. According to Helen Blackstone, it's still murder. 00;17;31;28 - 00;17;32;08 Cee Yeah. 00;17;33;07 - 00;18;00;23 Phineas Yeah. But if a if a pre-spasmodic fetus wasn't considered a person, then there's a whole ass thing missing from his inferences. Again, his logic relies on an unstated premise as well. Unstated like explicitly assuming that we're talking about killing a person instead of. 00;18;01;29 - 00;18;02;09 Cee Well he did say 00;18;03;02 - 00;18;04;17 Phineas Flushing a utertus 00;18;05;09 - 00;18;10;28 Cee Unborn, unborn human being or some shit. Yeah. 00;18;11;23 - 00;18;31;29 Phineas And that's what I mean. And no point is he said a fetus is a person. Release all of the pregnant women from jail and put those fetuses on trial because you can't hold a fetus in jail without due process if it's a person. So all the pregnant ladies have to get kicked out until we try their fetuses for accessories. 00;18;32;27 - 00;18;36;07 Cee Good luck getting that to work out. 00;18;36;07 - 00;18;48;01 Phineas How do you plead? So, yeah, like he didn't actually. He stated it as the defendant's claim, not his claim. Because he's a coward. 00;18;49;00 - 00;18;49;17 Cee Hmm. 00;18;50;10 - 00;18;57;24 Phineas Then we jump for between eight and 300 years, almost up to 1910, when? 00;18;57;27 - 00;19;01;15 Cee Oh, we're closer to our. Our. Yeah, yeah. 00;19;01;23 - 00;19;30;10 Phineas Closer to women having the right to vote. Except the black ones. Sorry. We're closer to not you having the right to vote. Yes, but you know, more targeted all almost all of the states outlawed abortion. So how could it be a right now, weirdly, until 1839, women couldn't own property. And in May 1840, they could only do so in Mississippi, meaning not in the other. 00;19;30;10 - 00;20;02;07 Phineas However, many states, it doesn't seem the cons didn't say in the Constitution at the time that they should be allowed to and used very gendered language that we could draw inferences of. So sure, it says equal protection, but they didn't have a constitutionally protected right. And if we just say, you know, if I go to my Constitution and I flip to its 1960s, that's too far. 00;20;02;07 - 00;20;36;12 Phineas 1940, 1933, 1932, the right of citizens in the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state on account of sex. Congress shall have power to enforce this article one year of ratification of this article, the manufacture, sale, transportation of intoxicating liquors, the importation thereof, Congress and the several states shall have the current concurrent power to enforce not prohibition, or that one is prohibition. 00;20;36;12 - 00;20;43;16 Phineas Yeah. I'm not seeing anything about how women have to be allowed to have property. In here, weird. 00;20;44;22 - 00;20;46;16 Cee We were afterthoughts 00;20;46;25 - 00;20;48;05 Phineas I guess women don't get property. 00;20;49;01 - 00;20;52;01 Cee Well, yeah, I guess not. What else is new. 00;20;52;28 - 00;21;02;22 Phineas Or fuck us, right, because that's the logic they're using. If it doesn't say it in the Constitution, I'm not actually sure when it says. 00;21;04;15 - 00;21;09;04 Robot Phineas needs a moment to check his constitution. 00;21;09;04 - 00;21;29;00 Phineas I don't believe I just did a couple quick scans, but I don't think it says that you got, it ever says specifically the women can own property in the United States. So bad news, actually, I think it was until the 1990. It was the 1950s or 1960s that a woman needed a letter of recommendation from a man in order to be able to buy property. 00;21;29;26 - 00;21;36;11 Cee Capitalism. Inflation is so bad now. I barely own property. So, you know, I'm not that far. 00;21;36;11 - 00;21;45;13 Phineas And that's where I mean, if we ever get there, then all I'm any of our women listeners have to do is shoot me an email. 00;21;46;10 - 00;21;48;08 Cee Oh, yeah, you can copy paste. 00;21;48;22 - 00;22;16;07 Phineas I just copy paste, but only for listeners. The next the last thing that we're going to cover here today is going to be amicus briefs. And the little bit after amicus briefs, Alito says nah to the amicus briefs. Now, amicus briefs are friend of the court briefs. There are people who have expertize or think they have expertize or are insane writing in to say, Hey, this is a thing the court should be aware of. 00;22;16;07 - 00;22;34;10 Phineas So if I were going to do that, I would say something to the effect of Clarence Thomas shouldn't be allowed to write concurrences because he promises a dystopia. Tune in next week, next week, next episode. I'm not reliable enough to say next week there will be another one eventually. Fuck, 00;22;34;10 - 00;22;39;22 Cee Don't hold yourself to it. 00;22;39;22 - 00;23;06;01 Phineas Soft deadlines. Like none of the none of the amicus brief responses are compelling. He just lines them up and says, Fuck you. And after that he talks about the fact that there are a shit ton of rulings demonstrating that people have a general right to autonomy, not being forced to undergo surgeries, contraception, interracial marriage. Generally a lot of small government get out of my business decisions that you get out of a Democrat court. 00;23;07;02 - 00;23;11;19 Phineas A post civil rights Democrat court the the liberals. 00;23;12;20 - 00;23;13;05 Cee And. 00;23;14;04 - 00;23;52;23 Phineas This is going to be this is a different episode this isn't the episode for here. But he hit something I feel very strongly about. He says that because of those decisions, quote, these attempts to justify abortion through appeals to a broad right, to autonomy and to define one's concept of existence, prove too much because and I, Phineas, I'm being serious right now, those criteria at a high level of generality could license fundamental rights to illicit drug use, prostitution and the right fucking. 00;23;52;23 - 00;24;02;09 Phineas Yeah, dude, let's party like. Yeah, okay, let's let people fucking get high with shit that like, you know, it's not cut with anything weird. Fine. 00;24;03;16 - 00;24;04;16 Cee That's fine. 00;24;04;27 - 00;24;05;18 Phineas Right. They. 00;24;06;08 - 00;24;29;02 Cee If they, if they let it happen, like, just like, I mean, sex workers, for example, that that demand is obviously not going away. If if political scandals are any indication, just, you know, so just just make it safe for them and and make it normal so that you can stop getting caught in the act and pretending to be sorry about it. 00;24;29;20 - 00;25;02;13 Phineas Yeah, and I'm not even saying let's decriminalize sex. I'm saying let's decriminalize not all the drugs. Bunch of drugs, probably. I'll meet you partway. I have a thing about meth, but like, it's regulated. It's fine. Can't do heroin with your babies. I that's a much better law like and I'm not pro decriminalizing sex work. I'm pro legalizing sex work I am pro brothels that are inspected with like laws about how you have to treat the workers. 00;25;02;25 - 00;25;11;09 Phineas I am talking about regular government funded testing. I am talking about like the whole thing. Let's let's keep our sex workers safe. 00;25;12;20 - 00;25;17;21 Cee Get OSHA involved so they can careful. And. 00;25;18;19 - 00;25;45;17 Phineas Yeah, like, let's like it. It should be its own kind of crime, letting it you should get you should get hit for both a business contract violation and assault. If you hurt a sex worker, the contract is for X, Y, Z. If you go outside of X, Y, Z, you don't just get sexual assault, you sexual assault and fucking Rico like, let's fucking go. 00;25;45;17 - 00;26;10;09 Phineas Because all they do is they just make it a more and more dangerous world for sex workers to participate in. But then they they do shit like this that makes it more and more likely that people are going to have to turn to sex work in order just to live and function. You can't have it both ways, so let's protect our sex workers from from the government, from dangerous customers. 00;26;10;18 - 00;26;30;12 Phineas And you know what, as a society. While I'm here because fuck this. I'm on this soapbox now as a society. We quit shaming people for using sex workers. You can't support sex workers and not support them getting business. It doesn't make you cool to be like, Yeah, I support sex workers, but fuck that guy for getting an escort. No, you don't get to do that because that is not supporting sex workers. 00;26;30;12 - 00;26;45;21 Phineas That's being a liar and a bad ally to sex workers. If you're like, Hey, fuck that guy because he went to a straight he got his stripper. But I support her for being able to do what she wants. No, you don't. Because if you did, you'd fucking advertise for her so she can get some fucking money because a bitch got to eat. 00;26;46;20 - 00;26;56;13 Cee Yeah. I mean, I don't ahve anything to add to that just. It's true. It's about is it's hypocrisy, hypocritical. 00;26;57;03 - 00;27;28;05 Phineas It is. And I feel like the majority of sex workers are women, which is why I focus on on women. But like when I say sex workers, all of them. All of that. Like, not not like. No, they all sex workers like. Yeah, I just got on one and said women because I wasn't thinking about my words, I was just having emotions into microphone and you know, also speaking of 1910, he tries to say that shit like prostitution isn't deeply rooted in our history because that's what he keeps appealing to. 00;27;28;10 - 00;27;54;04 Phineas But 1910, that same time that he referred to is when prostitution became federally illegal. It was federally legal to be a sex worker until 1910, which seems a lot more deeply rooted in our fucking history. 1300s and go there 13th century Anglo-Saxon. Unless you only see the country is white, which he does because he's a fucking asshole. 00;27;54;16 - 00;27;57;12 Cee Yeah. I was like, well, I mean, obviously. 00;27;58;17 - 00;28;19;14 Phineas Also, if we want to appeal to things that are deeply rooted in our history, how about we recognize the fact that the country was built on the backs of slaves, the Chinese and prostitutes, and we actually do something with that shit. I want restitution for the descendants of Chinese immigrants who were killed working on the railroads. I want restitution for every black person. 00;28;19;17 - 00;28;24;21 Phineas There's this weird thing of like, well, not only black people who can show that they were descended from slaves. 00;28;24;24 - 00;28;25;20 Cee Okay, so shit. 00;28;25;24 - 00;28;42;27 Phineas I don't keep a lot of birthing records. Mother fucker. If they did, it was like a horse pedigree. You son of a bitch. No, all black people. Because you know what? All black people suffer because of the chain of events that come from slavery. It's not a descendant only issue when all black people are made to suffer for it. 00;28;42;27 - 00;28;51;15 Phineas So, so fucking so black people. And then, you know what? Lost wages for sex workers, restitution for everybody. Fuck it. 00;28;52;14 - 00;28;59;15 Cee Yeah. And I can't add anything to it because you said everything. 00;28;59;15 - 00;29;13;04 Phineas Sorry, I'm having some feelings about this. This is what it's like to live with me. So something. It's something that I just. I get. I had something said to me often. I'm just done. Yeah. 00;29;13;12 - 00;29;21;29 Cee Big differences between you and I were. I guess you project it out. I just internalize it. 00;29;22;22 - 00;29;31;02 Phineas Yeah, I they I have Kyle Rittenhouse was a hero. Trump 2024 neighbors who are hearing me scream all this because my windows opened, because fuck those people. 00;29;31;28 - 00;29;35;13 Cee They can die mad about it. Sooner rather than later, I guess. 00;29;36;06 - 00;29;51;10 Phineas Fuck. He then goes on to say, We are talking about a thing here. Me, hey me that women. 00;29;51;13 - 00;29;51;25 Cee Only. 00;29;52;26 - 00;30;04;04 Phineas Women should be fine giving birth by force state force anyway because if you give the child up for adoption they'll find a suitable home. 00;30;05;02 - 00;30;10;06 Cee All shit bullshit. 00;30;10;23 - 00;30;37;17 Phineas Then he cites a statistic in a way that is not okay with me. Nobody should get hyped for this phrasing. He says that in 2002, to quote, the domestic supply of infants relinquished at birth or within the first month of life and available to be adopted, had become virtually nonexistent and quote, due to the number of people looking to adopt. 00;30;37;17 - 00;30;40;21 Phineas And saying those words in that order makes me feel yucky. 00;30;41;29 - 00;30;43;26 Cee It's just. 00;30;43;26 - 00;30;50;02 Phineas How do you not write that and then becomes a meme of David Mitchell saying, Are we the baddies? 00;30;50;28 - 00;30;54;13 Cee I don't know because it's it's pretty it's pretty rough. 00;30;55;01 - 00;30;57;27 Phineas Yeah. And it's also stupid. 00;30;57;27 - 00;31;01;17 Cee Domestic supply not the international supply. 00;31;01;17 - 00;31;18;21 Phineas Mr. Importing is fine. We're low on domestic babies, so you're going to have to drink one imported from Ireland tonight. Oh, they had to a beer. Beer menu. But it's just age and nationality of babies. 00;31;19;22 - 00;31;21;06 Cee Oh, God. 00;31;21;06 - 00;31;52;24 Phineas And it's also not a reason to do this. Pregnancy comes with physical, hormonal, sometimes long term physical and mental health changes. And according to the Anne E. Casey Foundation, nearly 16% of children had experienced physical abuse that were adopted. 9% were sexually abused, 6% were emotionally abused, and 2% experienced medical neglect. With young children being the most at risk, 72% of victims were ten and under. 00;31;53;25 - 00;32;00;13 Phineas And I assume that, according to Justice Alito, that's fine. 00;32;00;13 - 00;32;07;18 Cee I guess so. I mean, of course, he probably never looked into anything further. He just decided, oh, they're fine. And that's it. 00;32;08;09 - 00;32;21;14 Phineas Yeah, I can't imagine. Yeah, like, well, it's a lie. It's a lie. Told by the right wing. They've told it for decades of like, well adoption is always an issue like. 00;32;21;14 - 00;32;45;11 Cee Mm. There's, there's, there's a whole lot wrong with that. There's a, I guess I'm just going to cut in here now and on that claim that the child will be adopted is obviously that ain't true or that they'll have a happy life that's not always guaranteed because plenty of people do it just for the prestige or money or whatever. 00;32;46;26 - 00;33;14;11 Cee The adoption process is neither easy nor quick. Like there's multiple steps. You got to get approval from the agency. The child is like registered with or whatever. And according to the North American Council on Adoptable Children, that I've never heard this before, but I mean, okay, depending on the state, you can actually it can actually cost a lot of money to adopt a child. 00;33;15;10 - 00;33;44;14 Cee I think it's more money for babies. But, you know, and according to the New Jersey Adoptive Parent Handbook from I think it's from Alito's home state, it can take up to five months for a person to get licensed as an adoptive parent, and then they can start the process of waiting and then they can be hooked up with a child and then they can do the whole like getting to know you process and decide if they want to go through with everything. 00;33;44;14 - 00;33;48;10 Cee So it's not immediate, like not even by any like. 00;33;49;08 - 00;34;02;15 Phineas And during that time that kid's not getting any of the stability or security that children need for healthy development. Nope, that alone is going to be traumatizing, just the waiting process. 00;34;03;19 - 00;34;28;15 Cee And that's assuming people take I mean, I don't know what this I don't know. It's just I don't know. The statistics are for adoption of older children versus adoption of infants and smaller children, because I kind of imagine assumed that that smaller children tend to get adopted quicker more often than older children. 00;34;28;15 - 00;34;51;22 Phineas Yeah, I assume it's kind of like it's going to sound horrible. But you know what? It's probably how Alito thinks it. I assume. I assume that if you look at the ages because I haven't it's kind of like puppies or dogs, right? Like when you adopt a dog, there's there's campaigns and pushes to adopt old dogs. Basically, like old dogs need love too campaigns. 00;34;52;13 - 00;34;59;10 Phineas Yeah, because people adopt puppies and these dogs just die in a kennel somewhere. 00;35;00;03 - 00;35;11;18 Cee Yeah. When they run out of space or like they, you know, the dog gets too old or whatever, but mostly that they run out of space and stuff they will euthanize. 00;35;11;27 - 00;35;37;16 Phineas Yeah. And so I imagine it's, it's, I imagine it's a minority of parents that are willing to adopt an older child. And I doubt it's a minority and I bet it's a minority of that minority that has the skills and social resources to be able to help that child with what they've gone through. 00;35;38;11 - 00;35;39;01 Cee Yeah, because. 00;35;39;04 - 00;35;55;10 Phineas We have this, you know, Annie, Daddy Warbucks kind of idea about adoption socially, it seems certainly Alito seems to. But that's not it's not reality. Like there's no part of this that doesn't make it a hard knock life for them. 00;35;56;13 - 00;36;09;15 Cee And any night and then I, I obviously I don't know the numbers but definitely quite a lot of kids like you can age out of the system. I want to say 18 but I'm not I'm not entirely sure. 00;36;09;27 - 00;36;33;26 Phineas I feel like it should be. And and then all of this is just on top of the fact that he she literally made the point, I assume, on accident, like I'm giving I'm being charitable and just assuming he's an idiot, that you should be fine with it because there's a 66% chance that your kid won't be abused and a one in ten chance they won't be raped before they turn ten or a one in ten. 00;36;33;29 - 00;36;35;22 Phineas Only a one in ten chance they will be. 00;36;36;18 - 00;36;54;09 Cee Which if I if I'm giving the if I'm giving them up for adoption, I don't understand why I would be think. I guess the idea is because you're still connected to it because you had it and it's like, I want to make sure it has a great life, so I'm giving it up for adoption or something. 00;36;54;09 - 00;37;25;18 Phineas But I would think that for a lot of people, they like the right likes to paint this romantic portrait of adoption as a propaganda tactic. It's just a lie. Because if you if you knew the statistics, I think most people have the empathy to worry about whether or not they're subjecting a child to physical and sexual and mental and emotional abuse. 00;37;26;28 - 00;37;49;07 Phineas Because to me, like for me, it seems like the statistic they ignore the the reason why the response is like actually it sucks a lot of the time and is horrible and traumatizing every time. And then on top of that instances of abuse like you're given the kid up for adoption, you're not giving it to a cockfighting ring. 00;37;50;05 - 00;38;10;28 Phineas Now, I don't think anybody you know, I think generally people have the empathy of like if they are going to give a kid up for adoption, at the very least, not want, you know, want there to be a much, much lower chance than one in ten that that child will be sexually assaulted. 00;38;11;27 - 00;38;13;03 Cee Yeah. Yeah, true. 00;38;13;05 - 00;38;18;13 Phineas Like, like for me, it's just an empathy. I've never given a child up for adoption. 00;38;19;17 - 00;38;20;14 Cee Yeah, I haven't either. 00;38;20;20 - 00;38;25;26 Phineas I've never been there, but I worry about them. You know. 00;38;27;01 - 00;38;29;08 Cee I, I consider how shitty the system is. 00;38;29;22 - 00;38;44;10 Phineas Yeah. Exactly. Like, and I imagine it would be a lot more emotionally laborious to have contributed potential meat to the grinder. 00;38;45;06 - 00;39;06;24 Cee No, no, no. You know. Yeah, I can see that. Yeah. And then I guess I was also coming from the perspective of there probably were people didn't want to think as much about it, maybe because they I guess in the case that many people are probably going to be facing now will be forced birthing so. 00;39;07;13 - 00;39;26;12 Phineas Well, I mean, do you think about where your food comes from? Do you think about the conditions that the animals had to live in? I, I know you're not a huge animal person, but I've seen you play with, you know, dogs and kittens and you're very kind to animals. Do you ever think about how the animals that you eat are treated? 00;39;27;25 - 00;39;29;08 Cee On occasion? Sometimes, yeah. 00;39;30;02 - 00;39;35;27 Phineas Yeah. But like most people try not to. I think of that. If you think too hard about it, you'll end up being a vegetarian. 00;39;36;24 - 00;39;45;16 Cee Now. I can, I can, I can, I can compartmentalize. I'm not. I've had a whole life of compartmentalizing. 00;39;46;02 - 00;40;13;03 Phineas So that's what I mean is is compartmentalizing is is what I'm driving at, right? Like I think the self defense that they're trying to encourage against that is the compartmentalization. You know, I tend to look at it like a third of the children are abused as an estimate because it's hard to get numbers on and that is too high. 00;40;14;17 - 00;40;14;26 Cee Yeah. 00;40;15;21 - 00;40;41;17 Phineas But I can see how if you're put in a position where that's, you know, your best option, I can see how somebody would error on the 70% chance and just compartmentalize that way. You know, I think it's inherently immoral to eat meat. I think as a society we've gone past the point of needing to kill things for food, never mind like resource waste and things like that. 00;40;42;11 - 00;41;07;14 Phineas But I can see how people who raise and care for and like take really good care the animals they eat. I can see how that helps them from a moral perspective. Feel like they're they're being better people for it. Yeah, it's kind of the same thing where I can see how people would think like, yeah, but probably not. 00;41;07;14 - 00;41;33;10 Phineas And that's easier. And let's them compartmentalize and I think that's what Alito is trying to. And the whole fucking right wing that does this shit, I think that's what they're trying to spark is, is that impulse to compartmentalize that we've all practiced just from growing up in a capitalist society, like none of us want to think about the slave babies, the make our iPhones, none of us want to think that kids in adoption are being abused. 00;41;33;10 - 00;41;54;13 Phineas We all wired with I think it's safe to say we want every child plus me to be adopted by a Daddy Warbucks like I would love a shaggy, shaggy dog in a rich dad. Are you kidding me? But it's just not reality. But it's easier to compartmentalize that way. I think that's it for this week. This week I keep this isn't a weekly show so far. 00;41;54;17 - 00;42;00;25 Phineas This is a once yearly show this year. So I don't know why the fuck I keep saying force of. 00;42;00;25 - 00;42;01;05 Cee Habit. 00;42;01;07 - 00;42;24;10 Phineas Consciously do a lot of podcasts I would love to do weekly. If you go to www.Patreon.com/apostatesplayground and donate as little as a dollar, then you can be part of me being able to hire a real editor and making it a weekly show, because I'll have the time for that. But next time we'll we'll talk about how it's going to get worse because it's going to get worse. 00;42;24;10 - 00;42;34;15 Phineas And it's not explicitly Christian, but what's the point of what's the point of apostasy if you don't tackle it at the intersectionality? 00;42;35;10 - 00;42;41;25 Cee Yep. I'm sure at some point it's going to it's going to sort of like go around and be religious. What'd you say? 00;42;43;02 - 00;42;45;14 Phineas I was letting you talk. 00;42;45;14 - 00;42;50;18 Cee Oh, now just it's going to come back. I run a religion. It always says it is. 00;42;51;15 - 00;43;15;12 Phineas Yeah. So the the Patreon is patreon.com/apostatesplayground. The website is theapostatesplayground.com. Very shortly, starting with this episode, there will be a transcript section so that our non hearing friends are able to enjoy the show and I'll start working on the backlog as I have time in the executive function. Honestly, the show making it. 00;43;15;16 - 00;43;16;07 Cee Such a bitch. 00;43;16;18 - 00;43;32;22 Phineas Is such a bitch. The the show may get more political from here on out and less like philosophical and historical novelty may get louder and screamier. So if you like hearing me do that, you might be in luck. 00;43;32;22 - 00;43;35;26 Cee I mean, you've done that before. It's not new. 00;43;36;07 - 00;44;03;23 Phineas It's not. It might get worse. I had to stop myself from I had written a bunch of pages on how John Stuart Mill would think that the Supreme Court could fuck itself. And you know what? Maybe John Stuart Mill on abortion. We'll call it on liberty. On abortion. On liberty. John Stuart Mill wrote On Liberty. There might be an episode, I don't know, but I had to stop myself from screaming about it. 00;44;05;16 - 00;44;27;23 Phineas Everybody wants to jerk off an enlightenment thinker until you can take their arguments and twist them to be able to at abortion, not even twist them that far. Like curve them. Yeah. I don't know, man. I so the Patreon iswww.Patreon.com/apostatesplayground the website is theapostatesplayground.com. I love our non hearing friends and we'll start working on a backlog for transcripts. 00;44;27;23 - 00;44;40;27 Phineas Transcripts will start with this episode. I am XistentialPanda on Twitter. She @Sheikah_shaman on . 00;44;40;27 - 00;44;54;24 Cee Maybe you might just be one might just be one again. Oh, I, I check. I always check and I just like, totally forget again. Like, I don't know, I can't explain it. 00;44;55;19 - 00;45;00;05 Phineas What eventually I'm going to actually write out the intros and outros. 00;45;00;29 - 00;45;03;16 Cee Now it's actually it's one word. 00;45;04;04 - 00;45;05;03 Phineas It is. I'm looking at it. 00;45;05;11 - 00;45;06;10 Cee I am too. 00;45;07;16 - 00;45;19;13 Phineas S H E I K A H S H A M A N And just to make it less confusing, it is separated by an underscore in the display name the username one word. 00;45;19;15 - 00;45;21;12 Cee When you at or whatever it is. 00;45;21;12 - 00;45;39;07 Phineas Yeah. Because she'd like me to fuck myself and show is at a pass to see mother fucker bad at my job. But I look at the statistics and nobody listens to this part. 00;45;39;07 - 00;45;41;01 Cee Oh for real? 00;45;41;20 - 00;45;52;27 Phineas That kind of at apostasy powered is the show drink some water take a stupid walk for your stupid mental health Hug a loved one. If you don't have a loved one, hug a tree. 00;45;53;24 - 00;45;54;12 Cee Go to. 00;45;54;12 - 00;45;55;10 Phineas The dog. 00;45;56;19 - 00;46;04;08 Cee Far away. Whatever forest or whatever you are local to go out to middle that way you're alone by yourself and to scream, to scream. 00;46;04;21 - 00;46;12;03 Phineas Then if you get the opportunity [The Organ of Censorship] into a Tupperware container and send it to [The Organ of Censorship] just tell them I sent you. 00;46;13;01 - 00;46;13;11 Cee Damn. 00;46;14;08 - 00;46;17;27 Phineas That might be a crime. 00;46;17;27 - 00;46;18;22 Cee Probably. 00;46;20;16 - 00;46;25;01 Phineas It's. It's a good chance that's a crime. Whatever.

Episode 43 - Roe v Wade v SCOTUS v Women, 1

00;00;04;13 - 00;00;41;11 Speaker 1 Hi. This is editing Phineas real quick because Zoom started wanting to charge us. We're switching to using Discord and a bot to record the podcast, but some background audio things settings weren't set quite right, apparently. So having looked into it, we should have that fixed for the next recording, which will be happening tomorrow. The recording that we did that a couple of days ago is being split in two because it ended up being almost 3 hours of audio that I had to cut down. 00;00;41;11 - 00;01;26;16 Speaker 1 So this episode is going to be around an hour. The next episode around an hour, after that the audio should be more clear though. So I apologize for any weird garbledness you hear, those issues should be fixed now. I hope you enjoy the episode and of course feel free always to reach out with how you feel about it or arguments that you've heard that you think are bullshit or feedback or things that got wrong, could use clarification, etc. As much as this is me making a podcast, the community, the conversations that happen on it need to be community based. 00;01;26;16 - 00;01;56;21 Speaker 1 Because where we can't all just be islands unto ourselves. So as always, the email is powered by apostasy at gmail.com. If there's anything that catches you and you want to reach out, enjoy the episode. Hello and welcome to the Apostate's Playground. I am pissed, but on the show I go by Finn or Phineas. And joining me is is Cee. 00;01;58;05 - 00;02;00;27 Speaker 2 Hello. I too am pissed. 00;02;02;26 - 00;02;04;04 Speaker 1 That's why we use pseudonyms. 00;02;04;17 - 00;02;11;21 Speaker 2 Or just tired. That's a terrible joke. I didn't. I heard it is. 00;02;11;22 - 00;02;34;17 Speaker 1 That's what you get when you come here. You get terrible jokes about my obviously fake name. So originally, because it's been a while since ending things released originally was in I come back with a history lesson non on gods wife and it was going to you know. 00;02;35;20 - 00;02;37;15 Speaker 2 Not a rerecording of. 00;02;38;16 - 00;03;10;28 Speaker 1 Genesis and rerecording Genesis 32 because it's been a while. Right. I found some materials, found some records we can do, found some stuff. And then the Supreme Court did the thing. And I said in a blog post that whether or not they reference religion in the decision and they don't, it is a step towards theocracy and since then, we have seen preachers and religious organizations coming out and celebrating. 00;03;11;19 - 00;03;50;14 Speaker 1 And then today, as we're recording as of this morning in Kennedy v Bremerton, they ruled that school officials can just pray anywhere during school hours, which effectively uses social pressure to force kids into participating in religious rituals. And that episode will be coming also at the same, people are cheering for the fact that Rose Rowe was or not is getting Roe was overturned in the Supreme Court justices will put their largely to do this right. 00;03;50;14 - 00;04;03;09 Speaker 1 This was the big point. This is what Trump said he wanted to do. This is what all the people who are smarter than me said they were going to do. And also, this is what I said they were going to do. 00;04;03;09 - 00;04;07;11 Speaker 2 This has been in motion and their intention for like many years. 00;04;07;11 - 00;04;39;06 Speaker 1 If you listen to this podcast at all, ever, you know that abortion is what was used to galvanize the religious right because Jerry Falwell got sad he couldn't do it. Racism, so they did it. And it's going to get worse unless something happens. So to start with, because only one of us has a uterus and a fanatic or not. 00;04;39;17 - 00;04;42;12 Speaker 2 So because I won't, I won't confess to anything. 00;04;42;12 - 00;04;46;07 Speaker 1 So because only one of us has a vulva. 00;04;46;07 - 00;04;48;24 Speaker 2 Okay, I don't know. 00;04;49;04 - 00;05;20;19 Speaker 1 I mean, it's just like that's where I keep my balls. I don't know it. I want to talk about, like, my philosophical position on abortion just real, real fast, especially because a color's a when I say, like, I think about something, you know, my philosophical view is I don't mean abstractly. Philosophy is just a bunch of people saying things unless it's something that's being actualized. 00;05;21;08 - 00;05;47;28 Speaker 1 So I should mean my reasoning, right? Because personally I find abortion kind of distasteful. I'm not a fan of the idea. And the crazy part is, is people who've had abortions probably agree with that. I'm going to imagine I imagine that if the the options were get an abortion and be stigmatized or just not have gotten pregnant in the first place, they also would prefer they not have gotten pregnant in the first place. 00;05;48;24 - 00;06;15;26 Speaker 1 But people do get pregnant. So two ideas that are going to be recurring for me are the doctrine of double effect and the violin player. The doctrine of double effect was covered by Philip in the same as that she used to talk about the trolley problem and basically it says that if you do a thing knowing that a side effect is going to be bad, you did a bad thing. 00;06;16;23 - 00;06;44;25 Speaker 1 Even if it's not the thing you did it. It's kind of if you kill the mommy bird out of cruelty, the fact that the baby bird starved to death, you did that, too. So that's going to come up because they overturned Roe and all of the people with uteruses who die because of unsafe procedures. That blood is going to be on the hands of the Supreme Court. 00;06;44;25 - 00;07;04;04 Speaker 2 Not just unsafe procedures either. In cases where it's an emergency and it's like, ah, well, she's going to excuse me, not she, but that person is going to die in the process of the of the labor delivery or whatever. 00;07;05;00 - 00;07;33;05 Speaker 1 Unless that's going to happen to I think that six states that the trigger laws that went into effect ban abortion in any circumstances, including if the mother's life is at risk or if the parent is insane. No. And also rape and incest. You have to you have to carry that. And there's, I think, the 13 that had trigger laws in total, most of which. 00;07;34;01 - 00;07;43;04 Speaker 2 Yeah, that sounds about the songs about what I saw I read earlier today. The glass was like 30. 00;07;43;04 - 00;07;55;29 Speaker 1 And most of them say that, yeah, in cases of rape, incest, and if it'll kill the holder of the symbiote, that parasite I like symbiote. 00;07;58;10 - 00;08;13;26 Speaker 2 Can be implies that it implies that this is a it's a yes. It's implied that they're both that it's a relationship that is equal extension both for something on. 00;08;13;26 - 00;08;39;04 Speaker 1 And cleans the rhino's horn or whatever and the rhino protects the bird. Yeah, there's a fish that cleans sharks. See how the parasite. And the thing is, part of the reason why I want to do this is because my views on abortion actually don't start with people with uteruses. For me, my position on abortion completely disregards whether or not somebody has a uterus and it starts with Judith Jarvis Thompson. 00;08;40;01 - 00;09;04;02 Speaker 1 The thought experiment says like, okay, what if you wake up and you're attached to a violinist and he's the world's greatest violinist? Because that's one of the things that like, well, what if you get an abortion and it was the greatest violinist in the world or someone who cured cancer and like first off, no, it's not both statistically and because it got aborted. 00;09;04;02 - 00;09;07;04 Speaker 2 There's a lot of there's a there's a lot of issues with that. But. Yeah, go ahead. 00;09;07;12 - 00;09;19;05 Speaker 1 Yeah. So is it wrong to unhook yourself from the violin knowing that the violinist will die? 00;09;19;05 - 00;09;20;15 Speaker 2 It's still so it's kind. 00;09;20;15 - 00;09;40;15 Speaker 1 Of is because she was responding to Don Markey's why abortion is immoral. And he he did the you know, it's immoral because it's a human and killing the baby but blah blah. So her her response was basically like, look, let's say this, baby, fuck you, you're still wrong. 00;09;40;15 - 00;09;42;21 Speaker 2 Truly the response we all want to have. 00;09;43;16 - 00;10;04;19 Speaker 1 So from there I kind of go a different direction from it with a lot of people because like, what is the issue there? The issue there is that you're being made to give up your bodily resources. Okay, so let's say somebody is pregnant and it's my fault they were there, too. But, you know. 00;10;04;19 - 00;10;15;25 Speaker 2 I mean, technically it's still your fault because you're the cure, the party who you're the one who's part of that exchange. That can mean regardless. 00;10;15;25 - 00;10;46;01 Speaker 1 Of what they say, I can shoot the DNA wherever I'm due. Yeah, it's a gross process. So if they like, for whatever reason, right. The they can't their kidneys are bad and the baby needs dialysis like they can't tackle me and hook me to a machine right leg. If, if one of my kids needs bone marrow when they get older, they can't just tackle me with a hacksaw because there is an entitlement to bodily resources. 00;10;46;01 - 00;11;06;13 Speaker 1 And when a human is fermenting a tiny human like there, there is bodily resources. Both, you know, there's there's space, there's nutrients, there's potential long term physical change, there's probable long term physical change. 00;11;06;22 - 00;11;35;08 Speaker 2 There's yeah, I think it's I don't know, I guess, I guess it makes sense to say probably, but I feel like it's, it's closer to like more like guaranteed or I don't know because I mean there's so much that has to like change in, in alter and everything. And I guess maybe some things do revert back. But I mean, there's no 100% going back. 00;11;35;08 - 00;12;02;25 Speaker 1 I don't know. I don't think there is either. But I'm I'm not a baby scientist. But yeah, I'm I'm not a I'm not an obstetrics. But I mean, there's there's things like children when you're when you're pregnant, the fetus eats your gray matter. It's like pregnancy brain on on a very real level. Yeah, yeah. 00;12;02;27 - 00;12;13;20 Speaker 2 I've heard I've heard about that before, but I never realized what it actually meant. That is, that's harm that we should not actually. 00;12;13;20 - 00;12;17;15 Speaker 1 Should show to are linked. I just know that there's an amount of gray matter that used to. 00;12;19;25 - 00;12;20;07 Speaker 2 Still. 00;12;20;14 - 00;12;47;29 Speaker 1 Generate a small ape monster. Yeah. Like that. And that's where that's where the, the clincher is from your right is the fact that it's not a lot of times the argument takes it out and makes it about people with uteruses and that creates a second group that then has to justify well, doesn't have to is being is being made to justify which is different singles. 00;12;48;00 - 00;12;53;04 Speaker 2 I guess we're kind of saying kind of singles them out and makes it a their problem only. 00;12;53;09 - 00;13;19;07 Speaker 1 And that's that's what I don't like. I, I'm so like that's that's kind of my like where I'm coming from on abortion is the fact that for me what it comes down to is if you accept that a fetus is a person, it doesn't matter because then you're in the conversation of one person is not entitled to another person's bodily resources. 00;13;19;07 - 00;13;40;18 Speaker 1 That's it. So I sometimes talk about it weird and I sometimes talk about it like I should probably watch myself. And it's not a lane I get into often, but like that's my view is what it comes down to is one person is not entitled to another person's bodily resources, regardless of how you feel about it personally, regardless of whether or not you have a uterus. 00;13;40;18 - 00;13;59;20 Speaker 1 Because if if also like the other the other side, the reason why the other thing let me try again, because I started and aborted for sentences. The other thing is, is the idea that like men should stay out of it or I guess people who are male presenting because I don't identify in the binary. 00;14;01;00 - 00;14;02;09 Speaker 2 People with. 00;14;03;15 - 00;14;22;24 Speaker 1 People who it's not going to be a problem for them. People who get pregnant should they're seniors. They should stay out of the conversation. And that would be great. Except that people who it's not going to be an issue for them keep making laws. 00;14;22;24 - 00;14;24;20 Speaker 2 Yeah, they're already in the conversation. 00;14;24;20 - 00;14;25;19 Speaker 1 At what point is. 00;14;26;21 - 00;14;29;29 Speaker 2 This Kool-Aid man through the wall? And they're just not like we were. 00;14;29;29 - 00;14;45;17 Speaker 1 We were talking earlier and about how like half the country is upset about Roe. And we started talking about people like, well, you know, there's there's some women who are like dancing around, cheering, like, yeah. 00;14;45;20 - 00;14;46;09 Speaker 2 I don't have. 00;14;47;05 - 00;14;58;01 Speaker 1 The same amount of rights I did, you know, a week ago. And but there's also probably enough dudes that are upset, like really bad that it kind of balances out. 00;14;59;06 - 00;15;00;21 Speaker 2 And we're just. 00;15;00;29 - 00;15;32;24 Speaker 1 Rated red over red rover. No women should be people with uteruses should have the right for other people to get the fuck out of their way. Other people should be supporting those efforts and this is going to be good practice because there's a race episode coming up and I'm going to have very similar feelings about that, being a white human who is going to be explaining race to a black woman. 00;15;34;14 - 00;15;39;10 Speaker 2 So yeah. 00;15;39;28 - 00;16;07;18 Speaker 1 Like hearing me walk on eggshells. Stay tuned. Yeah, that's where I'm coming from. Is, is, is I think the stronger I think I have a stronger position than is generally represented and that's represented here because it doesn't require that people with uteruses be removed from humanity in order to have the country. It's just very simple, not entitled to his body, their rights, their bodily right. 00;16;08;04 - 00;16;40;11 Speaker 1 They're about his body, their resources, their bodily resources, her bodily resources, end of story. And it also, I feel like it's probably a more necessary argument way to make the argument now because by taking people with uteruses and removing them if feels icky too towards trans men, trans men have uteruses. Trans men can get pregnant. And it feels like in order to say no, you have to go stand over there with the girls now, because this is how we're making the argument. 00;16;40;11 - 00;16;56;20 Speaker 1 It feels like not making the argument in a way that doesn't do that, is doing them a disservice and doing them a harm. So that's where I'm coming from. I don't know where you're coming from. Fuck, Whitey. Except Clarence, don't. 00;16;59;27 - 00;17;28;25 Speaker 2 You know my standard? You know, misandry. But this is the same for me. From there I'm just coming from a position of just tired over it. I mean, I used to when I was a kid forever and ever ago when there was way less information and education because internet was still pretty brand new, had some really dumb ass ideas, opinions and stuff. 00;17;28;25 - 00;17;50;06 Speaker 2 But now obviously I've gotten older and I've I've read things and things make more sense now and know I'm just coming at it from a position of even if it wasn't me and I never ever in the class never have to need to, but even if I never, ever have to, that, you know, it would still be nice to have that like just in case. 00;17;50;06 - 00;18;11;28 Speaker 2 And also, you know, I care about other people. So it's like even if I never need it, plenty of people will probably need it. And well, whether they're whether or not they need it, it's autonomy. Yeah, it's their right. They have they have access to it. They, if they need it or not, I I'm not going to be selfish and be like, no, dude, I don't need it. 00;18;11;28 - 00;18;12;18 Speaker 2 You don't need it. 00;18;12;29 - 00;18;38;14 Speaker 1 It's just right. Well, like earlier when I said that abortion is distasteful, I would like for abortion rates to come down because of comprehensive sex ed and easily accessible contraception money. Yeah. Yeah. That that the sounds like it's it's, you know, like I find abortion distasteful and I'd like rates to come down by doing the things that will make that happen organically and create a better, more educated society overall. 00;18;38;14 - 00;19;09;00 Speaker 1 Like, I don't yeah, it's, it's doing the things that get it to come down organically that, you know, and that I think everybody finds it distasteful. But some people need to, you know, suck themselves off a bridge. Speaking of people that need to fuck themselves off a bridge, the Supreme Court held in Dubs v Jackson Women's Health quote held that the Constitution does not confer a right to abortion. 00;19;09;12 - 00;19;43;23 Speaker 1 Roe and Casey are overruled, and the authority to regulate abortion is returned to the people and their elected representatives. I think right there is long enough to make an hour long episode screaming about because that that's some bullshit on a lot of levels. Like firstly, that's not how government works, it's just not, it never has been. So I, I am not a Democrat because that party has never been far enough left and also because I don't believe in democracy. 00;19;43;23 - 00;20;15;00 Speaker 1 I think democracy is the best answer at the moment. And I am really curious for what we come up with. That's better, because right now what leaving it up to the elected representatives mean is that, you know, a dozen baker's dozen states just had trigger laws go into effect that was made by those representatives. It means that gerrymandered districts are not being represented even if they make up the the most of the state. 00;20;15;00 - 00;20;42;21 Speaker 1 It means that in Florida right now, the fifth District, which DeSantis isn't caught because he's trying to break up, because, you know, it's it's a very heavily black district. And they keep sending black representatives to Washington who are just black and about the place. So he's trying to break that up, but that's not leaving it to the people and their elected representatives that's packing and cracking and gerrymandering, which the Supreme Court has upheld. 00;20;43;18 - 00;21;07;15 Speaker 1 So right out of the gate, before you even get to the opinion, there's just a pile of bull bullshit about the fact that like, yeah, no, it's not up to the people in their elected representatives. It's up to the Republican Party who steals elections. Then there's also the fact that if it were up to the people and their elected representatives, we would have more abortion access. 00;21;09;04 - 00;21;30;22 Speaker 1 Pew found that sizable majorities of Americans said abortion should be legal if a woman's health is at stake 78%, or if the pregnancy was a result of rape or incest, 69%. Which yeah, I can't think of a time or that's there were that number is less appropriate. I'm 60. 00;21;30;22 - 00;21;31;23 Speaker 2 Nine you can't. 00;21;32;20 - 00;21;33;11 Speaker 1 Are you sure or. 00;21;33;16 - 00;21;36;01 Speaker 2 Like 68.8. 00;21;37;01 - 00;21;38;23 Speaker 1 Are we sure? And don't joke. 00;21;38;28 - 00;21;39;09 Speaker 2 Around. 00;21;39;09 - 00;22;12;13 Speaker 1 Can we find 11,000 votes? And just over half said that it should be legal if the baby was likely to be born with severe disabilities or health issues. That is from Vox. And I have I have some pretty big feelings about that. And, you know, it was a all of the hospitals in the area are all Catholic. So abortion is even though abortion is protected in this state because I live on a coast state that isn't, you know, one of the East Coast Southern ones. 00;22;12;17 - 00;22;27;20 Speaker 1 Abortion wasn't really an option. I Planned Parenthood. But like at a hospital, abortion wasn't an option if it was an emergency situation because of the pope who gets the Catholic Church, gets to dictate health care decisions to a lot of people. 00;22;28;17 - 00;22;33;24 Speaker 2 So the mother or wife on the other side. 00;22;34;18 - 00;23;07;12 Speaker 1 So like all of that was already kind of f for meaning, but now it doesn't mean any. And while that is the to be fair and there's this from Vox and while that is tough to gauge when it comes to short notice, you don't do a lot better than Pew and Gallup. YouGov did find that a lot of people don't know a lot about abortion, which isn't terribly surprising considering the fact that a lot of people have their knowledge of abortion tainted by the propaganda industrial complex. 00;23;08;09 - 00;23;27;16 Speaker 1 And according to Teresa Young, them and them co-founder of the research firm Perry Indem, the bottom line is that the public wants people making these decisions around abortion, not the government. And it reminded me of Pete Buttigieg was asked about this project but again a. 00;23;28;01 - 00;23;28;21 Speaker 2 Never actually heard. 00;23;28;21 - 00;23;59;19 Speaker 1 Yeah I've heard it hasn't been for a while. But he was asked about abortion, how he felt about it, and he says the state doesn't have a place in it because if it's a moral decision that it needs to be made between somebody and moral leaders, and if it's a medical decision and needs to be made between that person and their doctors, and that's it, Alito says that abortion can't be considered part of liberty because liberty isn't clearly defined, which fuck that. 00;23;59;19 - 00;24;03;01 Speaker 2 But you can't clearly define. 00;24;03;01 - 00;24;26;01 Speaker 1 What he says. At one point the that some historian it's in the notes later some historian went over how you know people have used liberty and found over 200 different ways it was used and it's like, Yeah, but we know what people are talking about. That's how language works. You paternalistic, infantilizing asshole. We know how liberty is used. 00;24;26;13 - 00;24;51;19 Speaker 1 We know what it means when people say liberty because like the word one has 42 definitions in the dictionary. And if I say to you, I left the water running, you are not going to sink that my tap water is taking place in a marathon. That's just not you're not going to think that because we all understand how words do because of how language art. 00;24;52;15 - 00;25;19;19 Speaker 1 Additionally, the term liberty appears in the due process clauses of both the Fifth and 14th Amendment of the Constitution as used in the Constitution. Liberty means freedom from arbitrary or unreasonable restraint upon an individual. Freedom from restraint refers to more than just physical restraint, but also the Freedom Act. Freedom to act, I assume, according to one's own will. 00;25;19;25 - 00;25;48;12 Speaker 1 On numerous occasions, the Supreme Court has sought to explain what liberty means, what it encompasses. For example, in Meyer V, Nebraska, quote, within a quote, Liberty denotes not merely freedom from bodily restraint, but also the right of individual conduct to engage in any of the common occupations of life, to acquire useful knowledge, to marry, establish a home, and bring up children to worship God according to the dictates of his own conscience and generally to enjoy those privileges. 00;25;48;12 - 00;26;11;00 Speaker 1 Long recognized a common law as essential to the orderly pursuit of happiness by free men in boiling. Be sharp quote and I quote Liberty is not confined to mere freedom from bodily restraint. Liberty under law extends to the full range of conduct which the individual is free to pursue, and it cannot be restricted except free government, proper governmental objective. 00;26;12;22 - 00;26;36;12 Speaker 1 And in Ingram's right, it was stated that liberty includes freedom from bodily restraint and punishment and a right to be free from and to obtain judicial relief for unjustified intrusions on personal security. And that is from the wax definition team. And I got that from the Legal Information Institute from Cornell Law School. That seems pretty clear. Hey, government, get the fuck out of my business. 00;26;36;12 - 00;27;07;09 Speaker 1 When going over the history of Roe, Alito points out that it was divisive. Who cares? A lot of people said Boo again. Who cares? And he gets when he gets to Casey, he points out the fact that Casey did a lot of overruling Roe, which is kind of technically true, as I understand it. The president was actually Casey Roe was the name that we all recognized because Roe had been gutted to the point where effectively what we were all going by was Casey. 00;27;08;13 - 00;27;15;15 Speaker 1 Lucky for us, it's not super relevant anymore because this ruling was very thorough and got rid of both. 00;27;17;25 - 00;27;40;05 Speaker 1 For clarity, though, quote, Paradoxically, the judgment in Casey did a fair amount of overruling several important abortion decisions were overruled in toto, and Roe itself was overruled. In part, Casey threw out Roe's trimester scheme and substituted a new rule of uncertain origin under which states were forbidden to adopt any regulation that imposed a undue burden on a woman's right to have an abortion. 00;27;40;17 - 00;28;09;28 Speaker 1 The decision provided no clear guidance about the difference between a do and a and undue burden. But the three justices who authored the controlling opinion called the contending sides of a national controversial controversy to end their national division by treating the court's decision as the final settlement of the question of the constitutional right to abortion. And then were given the argument from People can't quit arguing, so fuck it, which is a pretty shit way for a country with 300 million people to operate. 00;28;10;22 - 00;28;35;21 Speaker 1 Right now we're in a position where we can't all agree on whether or not germs are real. So I guess we're all going back to the fucking miasma theory. A recurring theme in Alito's opinion is that our shit and in the introduction, in the opinion, is that the Constitution makes no mention of abortion and so Roe was an abuse of power. 00;28;36;03 - 00;28;43;17 Speaker 1 And as a matter of fact, that's going to do a lot of damage. That very stupid idea. 00;28;44;17 - 00;28;47;03 Speaker 2 The Constitution doesn't say a lot of things. 00;28;47;14 - 00;28;47;25 Speaker 1 Right. 00;28;48;25 - 00;28;51;10 Speaker 2 Why? There are amendments. It is why. 00;28;51;10 - 00;29;17;12 Speaker 1 There are amendments. And that's why originally SSM is a brain. Right? Right. Like the the what? Another thing this does and it's a little old philosopher, effete jerk off, but he gets rid of the idea that the Constitution is a living document. It gets rid of that idea because it's saying that you can't go, Oh, okay, you treat them like premises for your conclusion of your ruling. 00;29;18;07 - 00;29;39;02 Speaker 1 It's saying that's too much stinky mouth. And so we can't do the stinky math. We have to get rid of the stinky math, which is some bullshit when you're supposed to be the brightest legal minds in the country. And I kind of want to take advantage of the fact that the Constitution also doesn't say that I can't jerk off in Brett Kavanaugh's car or shit Amy Coney Barrett's shoe. 00;29;39;27 - 00;30;12;20 Speaker 1 Like, there's a lot like you said, there's lots of things the Constitution doesn't say. I don't I don't understand how people think. That's a good position. I've tried. I've tried because I try to be charitable. I try to understand what other people are thinking. And I can't figure that one out that we should look at how you're treated on a plane according to what people who didn't know what planes were thought, especially when the motherfucker who wrote it. 00;30;12;29 - 00;30;28;08 Speaker 2 Is easier and is easier. Instead of having to stop and think about everything and correct that stuff, you just stowed away like the hands clean of it because it's too much. Yeah. 00;30;28;21 - 00;31;03;06 Speaker 1 Just the motherfucker that wrote it didn't think that we should be living by what they thought. He. He wrote a thing about how occasionally the Constitution should be gotten rid of and rewritten because his words were the making making their ancestor or their opposite of ancestors making their progeny. Yeah. Making the descendants live by, you know, the standard set by their barbarous ancestors is like making a grown man wear a jacket that fit him when he was a child like Thomas Jefferson couldn't get that. 00;31;03;12 - 00;31;19;29 Speaker 1 That spark of humanity when he looked in the eyes of his slaves. Wasn't like a fun trick his brain was playing, but he could understand it. Like, we're going to think he's an asshole one day. If you want to say something, go ahead. I need a second. I. 00;31;20;25 - 00;31;28;08 Speaker 2 I don't have anything to say about that. It. It's true. He had a mistress. He had a bunch of mistress. 00;31;28;08 - 00;31;29;04 Speaker 1 When you own her. 00;31;31;01 - 00;31;43;22 Speaker 2 I but it's true. Yeah, I just. I read a whole thing about like it. It was a whole it was a whole thing. So I said mistress because it was it was easier to hear, because. 00;31;43;22 - 00;31;50;15 Speaker 1 Otherwise you have to start referring to, you know, people who were enslaved as farm equipment and sex dolls. 00;31;51;03 - 00;32;23;12 Speaker 2 Well, I mean, I did happen to read an entire article about the practice of concubines, which is the yes. Which is worth having female slaves purchase for the sole purpose of making them their own little house on your own, your own, your own, your land, and buying them and keeping them in their house and they're just they're there for your they're there for your children. 00;32;23;12 - 00;32;38;03 Speaker 1 Way too sterile for a time where like part of why we did the revolution was to keep slaves. Yeah, just. It sounds like you just call it sex slavery concubine. You know. 00;32;39;04 - 00;32;45;21 Speaker 2 The it was a it was a scholarly article. They had to they had to say, you. 00;32;45;24 - 00;33;01;24 Speaker 1 Don't I mean, I, I what is my favorite one of my favorite academic books is on Bullshit by Henry. Frank for sure about his last name. 00;33;02;21 - 00;33;13;29 Speaker 2 As that's a lot different than having your getting your article peer reviewed and published in like the journal of whatever it was. He has the. 00;33;14;10 - 00;33;17;22 Speaker 1 Peer reviewed and published. Oh, all I'm saying is that. 00;33;18;08 - 00;33;18;29 Speaker 2 Academia. 00;33;18;29 - 00;33;32;07 Speaker 1 Is broken if you have to. P.S.. Sex slavery. That's what it was like. He was here on sex trafficking, but trying to whitewash the. 00;33;32;21 - 00;33;52;02 Speaker 2 Especially since a lot of them didn't. Didn't. Didn't get freed until, like, after the dude dies. He, like, puts them in his will to, like, be freed. It's like you can just freed them. Like, you just truly, like, truly enjoyed it. And you had the kids and stuff like you just put in your will to have them freed like you. 00;33;52;02 - 00;34;02;09 Speaker 2 Like you don't even guarantee that they get out that they're going to be freed. Somebody else has screwed them over is just he just wanted them around to enjoy until you died and then there was like this. 00;34;02;09 - 00;34;14;25 Speaker 1 History of freeing slaves by leveraging that you weren't going to help somebody make sure their soul goes to heaven unless they're slaves are freed when they died. The diary diary of John. 00;34;16;14 - 00;34;16;18 Speaker 2 Hughes. 00;34;16;24 - 00;34;45;21 Speaker 1 Read America used to be the exact same kind of insane it is now back to the episode so you know tries to slide the idea by that row can't be similar to other privacy based rights because abortion ends fetal life much in the same way that if you have a slit shaped piece of leather that you throw away, you've ended pre shoe construction. 00;34;46;18 - 00;35;17;16 Speaker 1 And he he refers to what the lawsuit was calls unborn an unborn human being, which that was put in for pathos. That was it. That was put in because that way, if you don't rule to save an unborn human life, you, you then have to be attacked for not a baby. That's all it was. That's just in there for rhetoric and propaganda. 00;35;17;16 - 00;35;39;07 Speaker 1 Of course, it shouldn't have made its way into the opinion and the sink. And part of that being part of like piece of some part of rhetoric is the fact that if I'm writing something and I describe a moose and then I call it like a fish, right? Like I describe a moose. This is a guppy. It's still a moose. 00;35;39;07 - 00;36;02;14 Speaker 1 It doesn't matter what you call it, right? It's still the thing everybody else recognizes as moose. Just everybody thinks I'm stupid. Now, just as related to what the assholes at the Women's on Health Clinic called call a cluster of cells. 00;36;02;14 - 00;36;06;11 Speaker 2 You mean crisis pregnancy centers? 00;36;06;11 - 00;36;17;04 Speaker 1 They call themselves Jackson Women's Health. So I was going to Jackson women's unhealthy, which is pretty stupid and childish and a dumb thing to call them. But fuck. 00;36;17;04 - 00;36;24;09 Speaker 2 I just assumed you were talking about like generally that that the whole practice, the whole practice, not just one was one specific. 00;36;24;11 - 00;36;56;07 Speaker 1 Focus, not the one specific center, because their phrasing made it into the opinion they they when they then in filings they called it an unborn human life because those kinds of centers are just life actors. That's all they are. They just lie to women. Yeah. When those women are scared and vulnerable and I hate them and they're evil and pieces of the show, everything religion touches is evil. 00;36;56;07 - 00;37;27;18 Speaker 1 I I'm not even sure the Jackson Women's Health is a like recognized religious organization, but I still feel this comfortable saying they are religious. After we find out that all you have to do is call a fetus an unborn human life and the Supreme Court will go, Yep, that's how we're that's how we're going to connect it. We're doing some things to debunk the first thing is, according to the court's findings, there is a heartbeat at five or six weeks. 00;37;28;17 - 00;38;02;11 Speaker 1 Firstly, who gives a shit? Stop romanticizing hearts there. They're in Oregon. They're stupid. Oregon. They're the lake all the time. They're the only Oregon that doesn't even try to heal itself. They just build up scar tissue and then you die. There is stupid Oregon that doesn't work and has nothing to do with how we measure life. Right? Like if I if if, say, there was a vice president who was completely evil and people kept calling him a heartless prick and they had a whole bunch of heart attacks and they had a pump installed that allowed him to live without a heartbeat. 00;38;02;11 - 00;38;27;01 Speaker 1 We would not say that he is dead. It's unrelated because we're not dead during heartbeats. Bom bom bom bom bom bom dead. It's unrelated because when you're doing a heart transplant, when you stop the heart, when you take it out or before you turn it back on, when you plug it back in or however the fuck heart transplants work, that person's not dead like that. 00;38;27;01 - 00;38;48;16 Speaker 1 We don't measure life by heartbeat. We measure life by neurological activity. But it is kind of interesting because that that's not actually true. A lot of what you hear is the the sound of the ultrasound because ultrasounds kind of work by echolocate and what they're actually is. 00;38;48;22 - 00;38;50;08 Speaker 2 Is a. 00;38;51;00 - 00;39;25;11 Speaker 1 It's literally it's just ultrasound bouncing around it's just above it it's signals outside of the sound register. It's just so it picks up noises sometimes because it's designed to pick up, you know, sound waves. Fish is but they're the what would be the heart is forming between about then in nine weeks. And what it is at that point is it's just a little like s shape of cells that is figuring out how to wiggle that eventually becomes the heart. 00;39;25;20 - 00;39;49;26 Speaker 1 So to see that that little s line cells is representative of a heartbeat is to say that the fact that my sperm wiggle in a petri dish is representative of the fact that they are people who can swim maybe one day, not right now. And a few weeks after nine weeks is when the brain connects to the heart. 00;39;49;27 - 00;40;28;22 Speaker 1 Like before that they're just doing a thing and it takes a few weeks for the brain to start controlling what the the heart in progress. And at 20 it's at 25 weeks that the capillaries start to form, which interestingly is shortly or is about the time of the first trimester cut off. And at that point the capillaries are forming, they're filling with blood, which if the heart's going to be that important, it seems like having capillaries that do things with blood seems a little bit more important as, a step in. 00;40;29;02 - 00;40;34;12 Speaker 2 Development, and that she probably comes sooner if it matters lot. 00;40;35;10 - 00;40;53;14 Speaker 1 And if you want to talk about when the baby's heart is fully or at this point in the conversation that I'm the I Matt and the rest of you are catching up some folks the the atria close at birth so if you want to talk about a baby's heart it's not done forming until birth. 00;40;55;25 - 00;40;57;23 Speaker 2 And it still quarter by day. 00;40;58;03 - 00;41;17;06 Speaker 1 So I was born with a premature arterial heartbeat. My my heart beat wasn't beating at the right rhythm when I was born. I had a I had a my heart is so white that it could not carry a beat. When I was born. 00;41;17;06 - 00;41;18;21 Speaker 2 It just couldn't get that left. 00;41;18;26 - 00;41;20;03 Speaker 1 And so. 00;41;21;16 - 00;41;26;29 Speaker 2 Yeah, I had something like that too when I was born, I think. But I grew out of it or whatever. So yeah, it's, it's. 00;41;26;29 - 00;41;53;24 Speaker 1 Nobody's caring for the parents, I assume. I probably didn't know what was happening. Damn it, it's cold out here. It's probably my main concern. What they're referring to as a heartbeat is a wiggling mass of cells that finishes becoming a heart. Around 35 weeks later, they say eight weeks, the unborn human being and begins to move about in the womb, which. 00;41;53;24 - 00;42;23;22 Speaker 1 So who gives a shit if moving is the metric by which we are measuring life? Right. And because at this point the Supreme Court is referring to it as an unborn human being, it seems like they are right. It seems like that's the assumption there is that there's something human about it. A dead person being hit with a defib, jolting from the electric shock is alive if that's how we're going to measure. 00;42;23;22 - 00;42;50;17 Speaker 1 At what point do you start and stop being a human being? Every time somebody else clear it's a corpse. The corpse will jolt because. We run on electricity and that goes into their lives. That that means that the orca there was twitching because Jimmy's ax was stuck in his spine. That legless strut was actually alive. 00;42;50;17 - 00;42;50;24 Speaker 2 Knocked. 00;42;50;29 - 00;43;19;28 Speaker 1 Out, like. So just get the fuck out of here with that at nine weeks, all basic physiological functions are present. Which is interesting because it implies that Samuel Alito does not digest. He has no actual heartbeat, he does not breathe, and he doesn't do a lot of eating or drinking, which I know it seems like those does seem like a pretty basic physiological functions. 00;43;20;26 - 00;43;44;10 Speaker 1 I assume his temperature regulates himself. I found out that he was cold blooded and he had a son himself on a rock to keep them cells from freezing to death. I wouldn't fucking doubt it. Fucking snake. Because the fetus isn't. It's not regulating its own body temperature. It's taking. The only reason it's not freezing to death is because of the now forced use of the host's bodily resources. 00;43;44;10 - 00;44;23;05 Speaker 1 At ten weeks, the hair, fingernails and toenails begin to form. Cool. At that point, it's a fish monster, so it's beginning the process to becoming a monster. At 11 weeks, the diaphragm, which is generally probably important for most or all of the base, basic physiological functions, has started developing. And quoting Gonzalez v Carhart, he or she I'm going to go with it because fuck him may move about freely in the womb, which I thought it was already doing, but also is my is a fish a person? 00;44;23;05 - 00;44;54;01 Speaker 1 I don't have a fish. I was talking about my fish. I want to have is the fish a person. It's moving about freely in the tank is sprung on a person. It moves about freely in the womb. That's how conception happens. They found that most abortions after 15 weeks employed dilation and evacuation procedures, which involves the use of surgical instruments to crush and tear the unborn child, which like that also happens when you eat veal. 00;44;54;13 - 00;45;07;16 Speaker 1 And it concluded that the quote intentional commitment of such acts for non therapeutic or elective reasons is a barbaric practice, dangerous for the maternal parent and demeaning to the medical profession. 00;45;08;12 - 00;45;11;08 Speaker 2 I imagine I didn't know. 00;45;11;08 - 00;45;12;03 Speaker 1 I would think it would. 00;45;12;03 - 00;45;14;00 Speaker 2 Be it's therapeutic to not have. 00;45;14;00 - 00;45;30;01 Speaker 1 To imagine this therapeutic to not be used as an incubator that that middle part also is just a lie. It's just a blatant lie. 00;45;30;01 - 00;46;02;25 Speaker 2 17,000 of 1%, which is super small. Out of every 100,000 abortions performed between the years of 1998 and 2013 2010, excuse me had fatal complications. I don't know what year I was thinking of mortality rate in the US for the year of 2020 was actually 34 times greater than abortion during the 12 year study for the fatality rate for abortion, there was a total of 108 women that had a fatal incident occur. 00;46;03;25 - 00;46;09;08 Speaker 2 An average of 700 women a year die during childbirth along separately. 00;46;10;04 - 00;46;59;05 Speaker 1 Imagine first they place the patient under anesthesia, then they make an incision depending on how they're doing. The procedure it affects whether it's Perry Aerial or infirmary or trans axillary. The next step is they take a ball of cohesive silicone gel and through a small incision they force it in using a variety of clamps and forceps and force until it is wedged between the muscle and fat that have been forcefully separated by the procedure, at which point you are sewn back up and have weeks, months maybe of recovery for a non elective procedure. 00;46;59;25 - 00;47;16;15 Speaker 1 That to me sounds pretty gross, but I would never fault anybody for getting a breast implant for whatever the fuck reason they wanted to including, but not limited to if that reason is showing them to me, actually. 00;47;17;08 - 00;47;46;26 Speaker 2 Breast augmentation has a higher rate of mortality than abortion. Arguably, any elective procedure where you're needing to use anesthesia is going to come with a higher risk of mortality than you'd have was just getting an abortion because, you know, they've got to put you under. And there's always a chance that you don't come back up. And then, of course, argument breast augmentation is still like, you know, the thing could burst or leak or whatever and that can make you sick. 00;47;47;20 - 00;48;14;22 Speaker 1 So, you know, everything, every every things that is present in any operation that isn't all or any procedure that isn't also present in an abortion, it makes sense that it would raise the mortality risk. You're not going to find out you're deathly allergic to anesthesia during an abortion. So that was all the introduction editing videos. Again, I hope you got something out of the episode. 00;48;14;22 - 00;48;42;18 Speaker 1 Maybe enjoy isn't quite the right thing. I am able to be found on Twitter at the letter Existential Panda c is able to be found at at Shikha Shaman as each s h e i k h shaman. Some research was done by the lady 12 gauge. She can be found on twitter. Wolfie of doom. She's not really on Twitter though, so don't expect to see a lot from her. 00;48;43;18 - 00;49;23;27 Speaker 1 The show can be found at apostasy powered God. There's a lot of Twitter handles. They're just going to keep piling up, I assume. And the patriarchy is patriarchal slash apostasy powered and the you know its patron dot com slash apostates playground I changed it I'm going my my brain is still two years ago and the website is the apostates playground dot com emails can be sent to powered by apostasy at gmail.com unless it's hate mail, in which case it can be just shoved all the way up. 00;49;24;08 - 00;49;24;21 Speaker 1 Your butt.